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Important Update - HQIS announcement on current COVID-19 outbreak

Dear HQIS community,

We are sending this letter with the best wishes that your family is safe and healthy. Through our recent survey on family traveling information, we were pleased to see that the data showed that all of our HQIS families and staff are safe and healthy. Currently we are into our third week of e-learning, and we are very pleased that our e-learning project is developing in a very positive manner. There are interactions happening between teachers and students, and we are so proud of our children for sharing their daily learning at home. Although the COVID-19 epidemic has affected us all, your accompaniment with your child, filled with love and patience during these days at home, is giving the children an opportunity to develop their independent learning growth in a special way.


HQIS had prepared to return to school as of March 2nd; unfortunately, we received an urgent notice from the Shanghai Education Commission (SEC) on February 18th stating that all schools in Shanghai need to conduct e-learning starting from March 2nd and campuses should be closed during that period. The specific date could not be offered until they could ensure a safety-based scientific evaluation of the epidemic situation. Therefore, HQIS will also make corresponding adjustments of the original plan.


Here are some updates for our community:


1. Campus Opening Date: 

According to the requirements of the Shanghai Education Commission (SEC), HQIS may not open the campus on March 2nd. To enable all of our community to have enough time to return back to Shanghai and conduct a 14 days self-quarantine, we will provide a three-week advanced notice before the date we plan to re-open school.

2. Self-quarantine:

To ensure the safety of the whole community, all of our HQIS students, families, teachers, employees, whether you return to Shanghai from domestic provinces or cities or from overseas, must conduct 14 days of self-quarantine before you enter the campus. We will provide a three-week advanced notice before the date we plan to re-open school, which should give you sufficient time to arrange your travel plans back to Shanghai and to observe the required quarantine period.

3. E-learning Program 

We are continuing to review and improve our e-Learning platforms and methods to best suit the needs of our students. In order to keep track of the feedback from our HQIS families, we would like to invite you to fill an online survey by click the link.

 Early Childhood & Elementary School 

We are very proud of the continued evolvement of our E-Learning Program starting from Feb 3. Each level of our school has continued to grow and tailor their specialized learning areas as our teachers have embraced this unique teaching moment with the same passion they use in the classrooms.  The children have been responding positively to their teachers, and our unique methods have helped ensure the continuous learning process for your children.

 Upper School 
From Monday, February 3rd our Upper School students have been making steady progress in the E-Learning program through instructional tasks, projects, assessments as well as live Zoom sessions with their core subject teachers. Through this process, our students have learned the critical skills of managing time and managing themselves, which are crucial to their future studies in college. All Students have been meeting standards of academic rigor and are gaining the skills and meeting the requirements necessary to prepare them for the University of their choice. Upper School courses are conducted according to our curriculum standards based on the Common Core. This ensures that our students adhere to learning outcomes and are prepared for the end of year assessments. We sincerely appreciate our parents’ support of our E-Learning Program and we commend you for your active cooperation with our school.

4. Additional Teaching Days Plan

To supplement our educational responsibility to our HQIS community, and support our students to have more offline classroom teaching and learning after we re-open the school, HQIS hereby officially announces that we will have supplemental learning days for our students.

Please check your email for more details. Once we receive the campus-based learning start date from The Shanghai Education Commission, the finalized plan might be slightly adjusted.

In addition, during this period, prior to our re-opening of the campus, to ensure continuous and on-going learning for our students, the e-learning program will continue to be provided. The content of the e-learning program and the offline learning after we re-open the school is continuous. We all understand that e-learning has brought many new challenges to our students, teachers, faculty members, and especially our parents. We sincerely thank all parents for your love and accompaniment of your children!

We will continue to adapt its response according to the changing situation in Shanghai and share with you the updates in a timely manner.

For all the members of the HQIS community, we are now reaching the critical moment of the epidemic. We hope we can go through it together, wherever you are in the world, by understanding each other and caring for each other. We will be able to win the war of this epidemic together! Thank you again for all you have done during this period and for your accompaniment of your children!

Best Regards,

HQIS School Leadership


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