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Singapore Math in Primary


As one of the established international schools in Shanghai, promoting parent engagement in children’s education has always been one of our main goals. Education is more than what happens inside the walls of a classroom, parents play a key role in the development of students.

This semester HQIS will hold Family Sharing Salon – a series of lectures with our educators and teachers for the parents of our students, to illustrate in detail many aspects of HQIS curriculum, teaching methodologies, and education in general.

Upcoming Events

HQIS Family Sharing Salon #3

Singapore Math in Primary 

Date and Time: September 24th, 9:00 A.M.

Venue: HQIS Rainbow Bridge Theatre 


Ms. Rebecca Allen, HQIS Primary school Math Coordinator

Language: English & Chinese Translation

You can learn more about:

Ø  What is Singapore Math?

Ø  How will Singapore Math improve my child‘s learning?

Ø  How does Singapore Math connect to IB PYP? 

Sign up online! 

All parents are welcome to attend!

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