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As in the past editions, the last, exciting chapter of Winter Carnival at HQIS has been our Upper School Speaker’s Cup.

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This year, the competition has been particularly intense. The speeches covered a big range of topics: environmental issues, personal stories, psychology, trends, actuality topics, life problems, and much more. Each student delivered two speeches, a prepared speech and an unprepared speech, that were judged by a mixed jury of both teachers and students. Students’ performances have been evaluated according to their preparedness, voice, fluency, eloquence, time, rhetoric, and consistency with the topic. It’s been extremely hard for the jury to make choices, as this year the speeches reached a new level and every single contestant has done a fantastic job, surprising the panel of judges and inspiring their peers.

Speaker's Cup-32.jpg

As part of the school’s tradition, the Best Overall Speakers will have the honor to get their names carved on the base of the Speaker’s Cup, which will be kept in the 
HQIS Hall of Fame, along with the names of the winners of the previous editions.

Congratulations to the winners!

Best Overall Speaker: Senior Division – Amy Zhao

Best Overall Speaker: Junior Division – Katy Han

Best Prepared Speech G6 - Katy Han

Best Prepared Speech G7 – Frank Cao

Best Prepared Speech G8 – Anna Li

Best Prepared Speech G9 – Amy Zhao

Best Unprepared Speech: Senior Division – Amy Zhao

Best Unprepared Speech: Junior Division – Katy Han

Again, this year the speeches have been extraordinarily great in terms of overall quality, therefore we would like to congratulate the winners and each contestant for this epic competition, and thank the organizers for making this event possible once again.

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