Our school blog is a great chance to see what's happening at HQIS in a regular basis. Here you can see daily life as it develops within our campus, browse pictures, and get to know us on a more personal basis.

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2018 Winter Performances Dazzle Crowds at HQIS


The Rainbow Bridge Theatre reached full capacity multiple times this week for the 2018 Winter Performances. Over the course of the past two days, every HQIS student took the stage to share their talents with expectant family members ready to record every minute of their recitals.

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Grade 2 Yuz Art Museum Field Trip


Grade 2 students visited the Yuz Art Museum on Wednesday December 5th 2018 to explore different ways artists express themselves and how stories can be told through different media. They were able to take in art installations by artists Tschabalala Self and Maurizio Cattelan.

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Middle & High School Focus on Building Community


The HQIS middle & high school community has been one of the fastest growing departments for the past year. With so many new enrollments, the HQIS administration has worked hard to ensure all students are feeling welcome and comfortable in their new environment.

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Holiday Offers & Events for HQIS Community


The holiday season is upon us, and the HQIS Parent Teacher Board (PTB) has been working hard to offer HQIS families a family-friendly way to fundraise for upcoming community events.

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