Our school blog is a great chance to see what's happening at HQIS in a regular basis. Here you can see daily life as it develops within our campus, browse pictures, and get to know us on a more personal basis.

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HQIS Literacy Week 2019


HQIS will celebrate Literacy Week on Monday March 25th, 2019 through Friday March 28th, 2019. In preparation for Literacy Week, HQIS will have activities reminding readers to reflect on the impact that literature and language have had on their lives. There are a multitude of activities in the upcoming weeks, make sure to read closely so you don’t miss any of the deadlines!

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HQIS Open Day March 20th


HQIS will open its doors to visitors and interested families on March 20th 2019. Come explore the campus and learn about the unique aspects that make HQIS one of the best international schools in Shanghai.

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HRA Headmaster Peter Mertz Visits HQIS


Hampton Roads Academy Headmaster Peter Mertz made a two-day visit to the HQIS campus since the start of the HQIS/HRA partnership. Mr. Mertz with all high school students, visited the middle school, and met with parents of HQIS to answer questions and strengthen our community.

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2019 STEAM Night


HQIS' annual celebration of science & scientific discovery took place in the owl café on Thursday March 7th 2019 at 3:45 pm. Middle & high school students ran booths that challenged the crowd to think outside the box in order to solve common issues, build robots, and engage their critical thinking skills.

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Curriculum Column


Assessment is one of many important facets of the IB-PYP curriculum. It is also one of the aspects of the IB-PYP curriculum that parents have the most questions about. As such HQIS will be publishing multiple columns answering many of the most frequently asked questions relating to assessment in IB-PYP schools.

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