Nursery Year 1

Our faculty members are an increasingly diverse part of our community. Classroom teachers are all native English speakers who are partnered up with a local Chinese co-teacher. This team works together to ensure that every child is learning in a safe and supervised environment, encouraging our students to make the most of their instruction time.

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Tracy Shell

Nursery 1A Chinese TeacherNationality: China 

Qualification:Bachelor of Educational Technology, Master of ethics in education

Experience: 6 years of toddler, 2 years of preschool

Interests: movie, analysis and dialectics

Quote: At the nursery stage, our work is based on scientific methods to provide children an effective learning and playing environment, which can help develop children's brain potential, mold character, build moral integrity and cultivate emotional behavior. As the early life experiences they gain have a great influence to their future life. 

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