Our single subject curriculum has been developed over the course of the past 20 years to accommodate for the needs of our increasingly diverse student body.

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Music is an inseparable component of every culture, and has been found to affect people intellectually, emotionally, physically, personally and socially. Furthermore, music creates an unequivocal mind-body connection and is experienced through simultaneously visual, aural, and kinesthetic activities at all levels of achievement./n An education in music is part and parcel with an education that values students as young people already navigating the world. Their own past experiences are expressed, new ones are discovered and most of all, they are examined with scrutiny. Music is an essential human activity that has a place in our schools, because children are in them.

Mission Statement

HQIS Music will endeavor to:

Offer our students an exceptional IB music education during some of the most formative years of their lives.
Enrich the lives of our students by engaging them in extraordinary musical experiences in and out of the classroom.
Encourage our students to appreciate and apply music’s enormous force for the enrichment of society and intercultural understanding.
Help our students to realize being a musician simply means working on the path towards ideal musicianship.
Prepare students for a possible career in music.
Align music education curriculum at all levels with the IB Arts Objectives and U.S. AERO Standards for Music Education.
Cultivate a supportive learning environment by actively promoting a climate of respect for others.
Foster the relationship between our school and the Shanghai community through advocacy, partnerships, and performances.
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