Our school mission is to inspire life-long learners to be responsible global citizens who have respect for themselves, the earth, and diverse cultures.

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Half day program is 8:30 AM to 12:00 noon (after lunch) and full day program is 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Toddler, Early Year, and Preschool students can choose either half day program or full day program; Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Elementary class is full day program.
Early childhood classrooms are limited to sixteen students. Each classroom has a head teacher and an assistant teacher. The toddler class will have two assistants once the number of students exceeds twelve. Kindergarten classrooms are limited to sixteen students and Elementary classrooms are limited to twenty students. Each classroom has a head teacher and an assistant teacher.
The school's kitchen prepares morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack for HQIS students. There is no extra charge for meals or snacks at the school. The school menu is available on the school website. Students are allowed to bring their own snack box or lunch box if they have particular food requirements.
Students at HQIS have the opportunity to enhance their academic experience by enrolling in after school courses. Programs are offered each term and run for ten weeks. Courses cover a variety of topics, some of which are culinary arts, fine arts, drama, and sports. Enrollment information forms are distributed in September and January.
The recognition of a student's native language creates a school climate that promotes diversity and multicultural awareness. Within our school community many languages exist, and students are welcome to share this unique aspect of their culture.
HQIS offers an English language immersion program. All instruction—with the exception of Chinese classes—is conducted in English. While students are required to speak English during formal instruction, there are opportunities throughout the year for students to express themselves using their native language. When appropriate, teachers may integrate students' language in learning activities and encourage children to compare the languages and the cultures that are associated with them.
Supportive language learning environments are print-rich, and teachers promote English language development by creating lessons that are supportive of each student's English level. The use of visuals, clear instruction, positive dialog, and guided interactions between peers allow students to gain confidence an
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