Our single subject curriculum has been developed over the course of the past 20 years to accommodate for the needs of our increasingly diverse student body.

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The HQIS Arts Program provides a relevant and authentic context for students to create and respond to arts. We believe promoting the visual arts should be accomplished wherever possible in the framework of our curriculum. Arts support he acquisition of essential knowledge and skills, the development of conceptual understanding, the demonstration of positive attitudes, and the taking of action. Art is not just about the result at HQIS, we care deeply about the process and providing a learning environment for our students that ensures they feel comfortable and capable in their abilities as creators. AS an international school we strive to ensure a cohesive educational experience for students, We try to provide ample opportunity for collaboration between our single-subject teachers and homeroom teachers. By taking a progressive approach to conceptual development, together with an enjoyment of the artistic process, we provide a foundation for lifelong learning.


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