Our single subject curriculum has been developed over the course of the past 20 years to accommodate for the needs of our increasingly diverse student body.

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Reading is a developmental process that involves constructing meaning from text. The process is interactive and involves the readers' purpose for reading, the reader's prior knowledge and experience, and the text itself. The most significant contribution that can be made to ensure success in reading is to provide a captivating range of picture books and other illustrated materials to share with beginning readers. This is where the HQIS Library comes in as an integral part of student success. 

With a constantly expanding catalogue, wide depth and breadth of book subjects, and interactive library lessons every week, the HQIS Library stands out as a crowd favorite for engagement and development of language skills. Students are welcome to check out books during the school day and are encouraged to explore new ideas according to their interests.

Literature offers us a means of understanding ourselves and others, and has the power to influence and structure thinking.

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