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The 2019 Spring Performances took place on Tuesday & Wednesday, June 11th& 12th in the Rainbow Bridge Theatre. Students from all ages took the stage and performed with their class and the rest of their grade level for record-breaking audiences. Spring Performances proved to be, yet again, the culmination of a year of learning, growth, and love at HQIS.

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Performers from Nursery 1 to Grade 11 showed off their skillset under the direction of their homeroom teachers and our music directors Mr. Nicholas Howard & Ms. Fumann Chuang. Students, Teachers, and Single Subject Specialists collaborated on topics that centered around the focus of their academic unit of learning, using the spring performances as a way to showcase the quality education all children receive at HQIS. 

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Plays and musical recitals concentrated on themes like sharing the planet, living a renewable lifestyle, and being kind to ourselves and our community. Children were encouraged to make their own sets, costumes, and even write their own scripts; pushing the limits of the PYP and American Standards Curriculums offered at HQIS.

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