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Shoot, score, win! – HQIS Owls win the second prize

For HQIS this month was fantastic also in terms of sport. HQIS Owls basketball team had the honor of participating in the 2019 Shanghai Changning International Sports Amateur League, a sport tournament hosted by the Changning District Sports Bureau (represented by the Director Wang Renwei and the Deputy Director Zhang Xiaolei), Hongqiao Sub District Office (represented by the Deputy Director Zhao Houzeng), Hongqiao Overseas Talents Service Center, The Expatriate Center (TEC), and Active Kids' Shanghai (AKS).
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The tournament, with seven teams (HQIS Owls, Jian Qing, Fudan Junior, Bao Yu Gang, ASK1, AKS2, BSU) and more than 80 participants from different parts of Shanghai, took place on October 19th and 20th, all matches were under the direction of professional FIBA referees. 
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It was an exciting, dynamic and absolutely stimulating tournament for our boys, who did an amazing job on the court winning the second prize! The participation in the event testifies HQIS's commitment not only to teaching and school activities, but also the profound attachment of our school to the great values that sport can give.

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