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2020 HQIS Graduation Ceremony RSVP 

Summer’s here, and cicadas are buzzing. 

Our children are about to start a new life journey.

There are many graduations in life, elementary school, middle school, high school, university… 

Each graduation is a brand-new start, and all we want is to memorize these unrepeatable moments.

We are delighted to inform our parents that on June 18th (Thursday), the school will hold the 2020 graduation ceremonies for Grades 5, 8 and 12 at the B1 Rainbow Bridge Theater. 

Therefore, we invite all families from Grade 5 and above to participate.

▼ Please scan the QR code in the poster 

to reserve your seat!


Come and witness this unforgettable moment with us!

We will be honored by your presence.

After the ceremony, G5 parents are invited to join our students in the PYP exhibition at HQIS Art Gallery.


What is PYP Exhibition?

IB-PYP (Primary Years Programme) exhibition is a crucial event for teachers and students. It embodies the core elements of the PYP curriculum. Students can take this opportunity to show what they learned and share their knowledge with the entire school community. In order to prepare for this event, students need to collaborate and use the transdisciplinary skills they learned throughout the year.

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