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We all loved to create strange mixes of colors when we were little kids. No matter what kind of tint or color you may use, every mix creates a special and unique combination. What if we use music instead of paint? If we mix Chinese folk music and traditional art with modern Western music, what kind of “musical recipes” could we create?

Yesterday afternoon, in conjunction with Shanghai Changning Culture and Arts Center and Hongqiao Street, HQIS was honored to welcome Deep Mix, a fusion band that to bring the magic of fusion music to our children and teachers in our school theater.


Deep Mix is a band that combines Chinese folk music elements with modern music. It was founded by erhu player Cai Bingru, the performer, arranger and producer Xiao Xiao, and the saxophonist Li Dianqiang. The band's style is wide, and it offers a combination of electronic, jazz, folk, and pop music which also incorporates elements of Chinese Pingtan folk art. The band members play guitar, erhu, sax, and other instruments to deliver a truly unique audio-visual experience.


Along with the mesmerizing audio-visual performances, our children enjoyed also some interactive breaks with the four members of the band. Students and teachers experienced a unique culture crossover that combines traditional Chinese music with western elements. It’s been an unforgettable performance that taught us that even the most traditional form of Chinese art can be so modern and “foreign”!

At the end of the event, right after thanking the band players for their fantastic performances, our Head of School Mr. Alex Thrower went on stage and entertained our classes with a mini gig playing the guitar together with the other members of the band. A surprise, but a welcome one!

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