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This Tuesday, our parents gathered at our school in the afternoon for the very first POH event of the year, “The Art of Chinese Tea”. The event featured esteemed tea masters who skillfully orchestrated the ceremony, embodying the essence of Chinese tea culture. 

Parents enjoyed a warm welcome at the entrance of the tea room, where they were greeted by the tea masters, warmed their hands with perfumed water, and received beautiful gifts. With such cold weather outside, it was a very sweet and warm surprise for all the participants.

The session then started with a detailed presentation by one of the tea masters. The presentation included a brief history of tea culture in China, the formation of the six major tea styles, tea and literature, cultivation and the different types of tea, the health benefits of drinking tea, and many other interesting topics.

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Needless to say, the best part of the ceremony was undoubtedly tasting the different kinds of tea. The artistry and skill displayed by the tea masters in brewing and serving the tea left a lasting impression. 

In addition, our parents decorated the foam of the tea by drawing or writing a Chinese character on it. Parents then voted for the best 3 cups, and the winners won special gifts provided by the tea masters.

Lastly,a heartfelt thank you to Ms. Diana, for her meticulous organization and planning of this event. We extend our gratitude to every parent who graced us with their presence today. We hope that through each event, the entire HQIS community will grow even closer and more united. Looking ahead, we anticipate bringing more vibrant activities to our parents and children. Thank you once again for your unwavering support!

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