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HQIS Summer Camp 

HQIS will offer a multitude of Summer Camp options for families staying in Shanghai over the holiday break. Summer camps will deliver fun & safe activities for children from 3 to 8 years old. All HQIS students staying over the holiday break are encouraged to sign up with their friends!

Time:Four weeks, July 15 - August 9. 

The programs will run from with flexible weekly enrollment options for families with limited availability or travel plans.


      1、Science Class


Suitable Age: 5 - 8 years old

Main Focus

  •  Immerse in dual language courses for 10 consecutive days.


  • Easy but interesting, using interactive and exploratory teaching methods. 简单有趣,以互动探索式的教学方式

  • Conducting scientific experiments in the laboratory, encouraging each child to participate in a hands-on basis.

  • 身临其境的科学实验,积极鼓励孩子们“动手做,做中学

  • Using the most common materials in daily life to create new uses and applications.


  • Combining innovative designs, skills, engineering, mathematics and art to formulate a multifaceted learning experience.


  • Encourage teamwork and cooperation with peers to find creative problem-solving abilities. 


Term 1: 

Eureka Camp

“Eureka” is all about the exciting adventure of invention! Children will overcome a series of challenges using basic materials, simple machines, tips from famous inventors and most importantly their minds. With a little bit of ingenuity, children will create catapults and forts, construct working light sticks to take home and assemble a set of circuits with batteries and light bulbs. In Eureka camp, we will focus on training the skills of observation, problem-solving, developing and planning. It is easier to realize a dream standing on the shoulders of giants.


Term 2:

Mars Project camp


The atmosphere cannot stop human’s curiosity and exploration about the space. During the summer camp, the children will play five different roles to study the essential skills of exploring Mars in greater depths. For example, Mars engineers will go to prospect, Mars architects will build the camps, and Mars ecologists will create a base for the survival of humans in the future...... 

Then students can choose the most suitable role to carry out the final teamwork, which is to explore the unknown area of Mars together. They will learn how to use the programming robots, drones, rockets and other technologies to develop a reasonable and logical Mars exploration project. 


2、Fun English 

Class A: Fun English   (3-4 years old) 

Fun English courses in our summer camp aim at improving English learning in reading and performing. All the picture books are full copyright English original picture books come from Norse Norway, compiled by more than 200 illustrators and children's literature writers from all over the world, will provide authentic English picture book learning for children. Taking English as the core line, EQ and speaking skills are also practiced in learning, which helps children enhance their self-confidence and gain a sense of prosperity.

Class B: English Reading (5-8 years old) 

English reading helps students read and improve their reading comprehension skills based on their own reading levels. Reading PRO (Power Reading Online) is from the National Reading Styles Institute (NRSI) out of New York. It was uniquely designed to be a tool for all learning styles, including for young learners. The levels in PRO are not based on the ability to sound out words, but on comprehension skills, knowledge of characters, plot, intent, vocabulary, etc.  It was developed to help students achieve at their own pace and to supplement other classroom programs.

3、Swimming (3-4 years old)


Term 1 (10 days):

July 15 - July 26, 2019 (Mon-Fri)

Term 2 (10 days):

July 29 - August 9, 2019 (Mon-Fri)

Time:9:30 - 16:00

Class A: 3-4 years old 

Class B: 5-8 years old 

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Refund Policy

No refund, non-transferrable once the class has been successfully opened.

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