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Message from Mr. Alexander Thrower - Head of School

Dear HQIS Parents,

Since I last wrote to you we have quickly shifted into online mode. It is not easy I know. Most of us have experienced this pandemic through the prism of online life - video meetings, constant messaging from colleagues, emails and phone calls. The technology we have today is both a blessing and a curse, but our ability to adapt and thrive is what makes us human beings. I know from History lessons that social distancing once prevented children from learning. Today we can connect teachers and students in a face to face meeting online, and allow them to share tasks, resources, support and homework in a mostly seemless migration from the physical classroom to virtual learning space.
It is not easy.The absence of classmates and colleagues affects one's mood, and the natural rhythms of the day can be disrupted. We decided to stick to the usual schedule - better for everybody. A new normal perhaps. We also wanted to give students some breaks. Lessons are a bit shorter. We wanted to give students some independent work. That is also important. We shared ideas about keeping fit at home, because staring at a screen for hours is not ideal. People need to stretch their limbs and move about. We also decided that we wanted to see the faces and hear the voices of students. This gives teachers the feedback they need as they develop ideas and skills with the students. Students also learn that their input matters and they have a voice in the meeting room.

We say a big 'Thank You' to the parents and others who help the students get ready for online classes and support them throughout the day. This can be a challenge we know. At some time in the future, your son or daughter will echo this but we can thank you for them!

Nobody knows for sure when we will be back in a classroom of bricks and mortar but we hope it is soon. 

It is humbling to work with such great teachers and support staff. The professionalism they demonstrate is world class! In classrooms and offices - and also at home! I thank all my colleagues who work tirelessly behind the scenes to pull this all together, and especially the teachers who work directly with students in face to face and online classrooms. I am deeply impressed with their dedication.

Lastly, I thank you - the mums and dads. As teachers, support staff, administrators and leaders, we enter into a large family where every child matters and the people who choose to work in education have an overriding ambition to see children maximize their potential and find joy in learning. We always aim to provide a happy environment where young people can flourish. You trust us with that mission and our temporary measures, at this difficult time, are geared to maintaining that trust and giving your child the security, reassurance, and continuity they deserve. Lastly - enjoy being with your children while they are still closely part of your life. Difficult times - but maybe the source of happy memories.

Have a great weekend!


Alex Thrower

Head of School

25th, March 2022

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